Our Curriculum. Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

From CIIRVE’s birth as a humble idea, born of necessity during the early days of Covid-19, our founders have been committed to answering one guiding question: How do we provide the best educational experiences online and offer peace of mind to parents?

From our inception in early spring, we identified the two-hour curated block of programming as that key window of time for students to maximize their learning, combining a variety of experiences in a single chunk of the day. We scheduled classes at times when working parents could maximize their own productivity, knowing that a happy and productive child makes for a happy and productive family. Here are a few other things are really important to us as we design our curriculum:

Building Blocks of Subjects

One of CIIRVE’s core principles is to keep instruction engaging and educationally sound. With that in mind, we’ve divided our blocks into three key segments: two distinct subject areas broken up with a short, but reinvigorating, period of guided physical activity. By engaging mind and body over 120 minutes, we enable students to satisfy both their appetites for learning and their natural thirst for physical activity. With these foundational needs met, parents can rest easy, knowing that CIIRVE is fully committed to providing a balanced mind-body approach for each child.

Passionate Educators

An essential goal for all of our programming is to provide the most stimulating content possible, delivered by the most qualified and enthusiastic instructors. Our classes are taught by established providers of extracurricular programs, from cutting-edge coders to popular art teachers to innovative scientists and beyond. The majority of our instructors come recommended directly by our closest friends and family, from our circle to yours. But how do we build our curriculum?

Complementary and Enriched

Behind each curated four-week program are certified professional teachers advising our approach to the planning and delivery of our day-to-day instruction. Our goals complement many of the same learning objectives provided by a child’s year-round schooling, bringing the best of both worlds together to develop enrichment programs that children will love to participate in and ones that will provide peace-of-mind for parents as they see their children learning.

What’s Next?

As we head closer to summer, our team is working hard at providing meaningful content in some new and fascinating areas. Soft skills like leadership, active listening, collaboration, and friendship building are all in the works for exciting new programs set to launch in July. We’ve engaged with registered psychologists and social workers to access their professional perspectives; blending this together with our personalized programming will steer children towards social and academic success at school in the fall and beyond.

We are hearing more and more from parents who may be anxious about their child’s core academic skills; after months of irregular instruction, many are wondering if their child may be falling behind or, conversely, hoping to keep them a little ahead at school. That’s why we are committed to providing refreshing, enriched courses over the summer in targeted academic subjects like mathematic problem solving, readers’ theatre, personal writing, and civil engineering to ensure that children get ahead and stay ahead throughout the long weeks of summer.

At CIIRVE, we know you strive for what’s best for your children and for what’s manageable for your family.

As parents ourselves, we are working hard to create solutions that work for families while inspiring the love of learning for your children.


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