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In two-hour curated packages, your children will be taught by top instructors in classes featuring real-time, on-screen instruction with the kind of attention and care only a small class size can provide. We are thrilled to partner with established local educators to do so. Some of them are featured here.
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My son is having a blast and the instructors are very kind, friendly, and engaged.

- Working Parent

Bricks4Kidz (North Vancouver)


Bricks 4 Kidz® provides S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education programming using Lego® bricks, components and motors, for school aged children.

Kids love Bricks 4 Kidz® because we inspire them to build their creative dreams with LEGO models. Parents love the programs because their children are learning to collaborate, solve problems, use fine motor skills and expand their knowledge of working machines within a S.T.E.M. curriculum.



As a female programmer and teacher, Tomoko Okochi was looking for a way to make coding class fun and engaging for all students; not just for a handful of boys in a classroom, but for everyone including those who love to draw, those who love to write stories, and most importantly, majority of girls. When she met Jason Madar, an incredibly skilled developer and a parent of two girls, C3D came to life. provides an innovative teaching tool that is easy to use, fun, and engaging for students by bringing visual code blocks to life. Students can learn coding concepts while creating their own VR world and with one click, explore their creations with a mobile phone and a VR cardboard.

Dezza Dance

Physical Education

Created by award-winning dance artist Desirée Dunbar, Dezza Dance innovates dance projects that empower people to move, collaborate and connect through an experience of dance artistry. We provide both Youth and Older Adult (Community dancers) with educational and performance opportunities so that they may have a voice within their communities.

Their core values are inclusivity, connection, collaboration, creativity, compassion and generosity. Dezza Dance activities include the creation of new work, presenting, educating, mentoring, and outreach.

Luminous Elephant Art Studio

Fine Arts

Created by Madelyn Mulvaney, Luminous Elephant Art Studio specializes in bright, lively classes for adults, youth and kids in painting, photography and film. It also hosts the loveliest parties and team building events in our radiant studio.

There is a wonderful energy of FUN in their art classes and a certain sweetness too. Students often experience increased levels of happiness!

Petit Architect

Architecture (English & French)

Maïa Tarassoff is a registered architect from France. She started Petit Architect to make architecture more accessible to children and youth and inspire them to become educated citizens involved in their cities.

​She teaches fun, hands-on programs for all ages ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Her curriculum is focused on sustainability, social impact and energy efficiency. Maïa truly believes that better living environments can be created by inspiring and empowering the next generations to design more beautiful, more welcoming and more sustainable cities.

Rain or Shine Therapy

Mindfulness, Music Therapy

Rain or Shine Therapy, founded by holistic health expert Joney Poon, provides health and wellness therapy for individuals, groups, families and children to inspire people of all ages to live physically|mentally|spiritually harmonious, healthy, happy lives. This can be achieved through daily mindfulness activities, creative expression, music & sound healing, neural reprogramming and psychology (science). Joney practices in music therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and counselling, and leads and speaks at events, retreats and corporate workshops.

​Joney believes that everyone's wellbeing starts from the mind and the energy we create (in our brains) through our emotions, and thoughts can form positive habits to live full wholehearted lives. Her goal for all is to allow you to be the best you can be.

Sea Smart


Created by marine biologist Dr. Elaine Leung, Sea Smart helps youth understand the role they play in making the world a better place…all in a fun, educational program. The educators help kids build essential life skills like creative thinking, personal awareness, and social responsibility, while gaining an awareness and appreciation of our incredible natural surroundings.

​Sea Smart delivers innovative, engaging education programs based on science and current ocean issues to empower youth to be environmental champions. Their team of marine biologists and oceanographers are passionate about youth education and environmental sustainability.

UCMAS (Vancouver)


UCMAS' Mental Math program offers an alternative to learning arithmetic in a fun and engaging manner through the use of a mathematical tool called an abacus. A skill that is learned and with daily practice creates a better understanding and builds fluency with the manipulation of the beads, enhancing brain development with our unique 6 finger method.

​Focus, concentration, memorization and visualization skills are developed as the child progresses through our modules learning their basic arithmetic of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and going futher into decimals, percentages, exponents, square roots and the BEDMAS rule.

Young For Life

Fitness & Nutrition

Young For Life, founded by fitness expert and nutritionist Jonelle Young, is a health and fitness company committed to educate, motivate and inspire people of all ages to live healthy, happy lives through daily physical activity and holistic nutrition. Through private training, group classes, athletic coaching or corporate workshops, their youngest client was aged 3 years and their oldest (still) is a young 104 years!.

​They believe that healthy habits are formed by combining knowledge about emotional, physical and nutritional health through fun and enjoyable activities. Their goal for all is to Get Fit, Eat Healthy, Stay Young For Life!

Queen's Academy

Musical Theater

Queen’s Academy of The Arts provides students with an outlet to express themselves. While learning the fundamentals of performance, students will build confidence, teamwork skills and improve their flexibility and coordination. Children will learn the essentials of storytelling and will be led through inclusive games and movement. Improvisation is integrated into our program to boost your child’s ability to think outside the box, adapt and establish resilience. In a supportive environment, children will be encouraged to be their best self. With uplifting musical theatre tunes, your child will fill the house with harmonious laughter. Striving to teach children skills that will benefit them in life, Musical Theatre Adventures is an enjoyable class!

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