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Support your employees working from home by offering their kids quality learning opportunities.
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Children’s Enrichment as a Perk

CIIRVE (we call ourselves "curve") is an employer-funded wellness and benefits program that enables organizations to support employees through delivering enrichment education for their children.


Improve Productivity
Free up hours of your employees’ workday by offering enriched learning opportunities for their kids
Retain Talent
Curb burnout and reduce the number of employees leaving the workforce to care for others
Champion Health and Wellness
Remove the stress from parents finding ways to occupy their kids while tackling their workload

"During these times, many of the everyday challenges we face are magnified, and those who are parents or guardians of young children may feel added pressure with work-life integration. So we are very excited to launch a pilot program at Colliers, with the help of the amazing team at CIIRVE, for parents of children ages 5 to12. Thanks to this program, our frontline workers, and many of those struggling to manage schoolwork along with work-from-home responsibilities, now have some additional support in the form of virtual sessions that are creative, active, engaging and educational."

- Kerris Hougardy, Vice President, People Services, Colliers International

Uninterrupted Time for Employees.
Interactive Learning for Children.

We make it easy for employers to support employees whose work-life integration includes an enormous task of taking care of their children.

CIIRVE programs complement the traditional academic experience with enrichment education for children between ages 5 and 12.

Our classes are built according to age groups. This ensures students are learning at the right level and allows educators to manage the class more effectively. In two-hour curated packages, children are taught by top instructors in classes featuring real-time, on-screen instruction with the kind of attention and care only a small class size can provide.

CIIRVE handpicks experienced educators whose values align to ours and whose curriculum is focused on STEM, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. Read more about our educators.


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